“I attended the Elvis Tribute Concert at the Sheridan. Tremendous!!!!!!!!!! I am a best selling author whose books have been made into motion pictures, I have consulted on movies, TV series, hosted and directed major TV documentaries. The point is I truly recognize talent when I see it and Tom Green was the closest I have ever felt to having the King return. His memory is in the best of hands with Tom. Well done to all of you who made this a fantastically memorable night. Again, my sincerest praise."

Don Schmitt,
Hubertus, WI 


“My husband Rich and I (Pam), would like to tell you how much we enjoyed your tribute to Elvis… but I do not think there are any words to describe it. We were both in tears a couple of times and even though we miss Elvis we know he will live on because of people like you. You stated that you did not expect a turnout like you got tonight but we were not surprised. You have a way of making us remember the good things and the good music that he brought into our lives. Thank you again for all you do to help keep his music and memory alive."

Pam & Rich Tokarski


“I just purchased your new CD, A Little Bit of Green, and I think it is the best thing you have ever recorded. I purchased 5 more copies to give to friends as gifts. The CD is nothing short of extraordinary. Simply flawless."

Edward Brown 


"We just need to tell you that you are not only Entertainer of The Year, We'd say the Century !!! Since My Father passed away my uncle had taken us to one of your shows. We became instantly hooked! You have the voice of and angel. I'd swear Mr. Presley was in the room. Your talent in all genres of music is beyond belief."

Debbie & Ted Alvarado 

“Hi Tom! The CD was great... you covered every style of music for the Holiday's and there are some really beautiful lyrics. It has some songs I'm not familiar with but I am now. You blended Silent Night really well from German to what we are used to hearing! Stronger and more powerful yet still ever so mellow; just what each song called for. What the Hell ARE YOU DOING STUCK IN MILWAUKEE?????? I can see it now, next summer riding down the highway and having O'Holy Night playing on the van stereo and people thinking that I'm nuts for playing Christmas music during the summer. By the way, what's next!!!! (LOL)!! You should know we always want more! Great!!!!"

Ken Nowak 

"I miss seeing your shows, you're such a showman. I didn't think your voice could get any better, but in the 12 years I've been gone, it has! When I play your CDs at work everybody thinks it's Elvis! You are the person who helped me make it through the week and I don't think you realize how much of an impact you have on people."

Sue Leinweber
Las Vegas, NV 

"I have not been fortunate enough to have seen you yet, but my sister has. She was blown away by you. She had tickets to see Elvis in 1957 but was very ill and could not attend. She never got another chance to see him, but has seen some tribute artists, none of which left her feeling like she felt after seeing you!! She feels like she finally got her chance to attend her long missed concert!!"

Rick Carter

"I caught your show on Friday and it never ceases to amaze me how you keep improving on perfection. My friends expressed delight and enjoyment. Your charisma and friendly charm with your audience is commendable. Keep up the great work!"

Rose Basch 

"I saw you entertain today at Rainbow Summer, and you were great. I guess I've been living under a rock, but I've not seen you entertain until today. You touched my heart… the manner in which you "gave" to your audience was wonderful. Your beautiful voice and smile; I loved it all, and today you acquired at least one more fan. Tom, you are a beautiful entertainer! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Susan Putnam

"Thank you to you and your great band for a wonderful show!!! No other show will ever come close to being better! Tom, you are the best."

Jan Millin 

"We drive almost 100 miles to see you for each performance and it's always worth it!"

Lola Heschke 

"Thank you for making a website. I'm a true fan of yours, and I try to see you every chance I get. You're my idol. When when will you release another CD?"

Rhonda Michalowski 

"Tom, I just checked out your web site. What a blast. I really miss your radio show..."

Berdie Warbler 

"I have had the opportunity to see Tom Green a few times now and he is outstanding! I look forward to seeing him again soon!"

Christine McDonald 

"I love your show and I will be coming every time you play!"

John Butzin 

"I recently saw you at the State fair and at Mineo's and both times I was VERY impressed... You are truly a great singer and I hope to attend many more of your shows. I am also telling everyone how GREAT you are. Thank-you for the enjoyable times!"

Linda Bejma 

"An awesome show Tom, thanks to you!"

Marlene & Rick Burkwald 

"Hi, I got Tom's CD this Monday. It is great!! I have listened to it over and over, many times now. It's super!!! I love it! Man, Mr. Green can(sing) songs with perfection. I would love to see Tom Green promoted around the world."

Best wishes, Meikel Jungner

"Tom, take care of that beautiful voice, it's a gift from God."

Audrey Ellison 

"Hello Tom - I was sent an e-mail to visit your site and heard some sound samples... Nice voice! You're a talent to be reckoned with... send me some of your music."

Will Hutchins, a.k.a. Sugarfoot
(Elvis Presley costar) 

"I listened to a few of the sound clips (on your site)... Tom is fantastic. I got the CD's yesterday... been listening all day driving to work, driving home, at home.. :) I have enjoyed them so much and don't you dare ask me which is my favorite yet because I cannot make up my mind. Thank you and thank Tom so much."

Patricia Blackford 

"VERY PLEASED to meet you! ...FANTASTIC Web Site! I waited until today when I knew that I would have some time to do it justice and listen to all the Audio Samples. I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

Lee Roy Brown 

"Hello from France! I discovered your web site and I must say that I have been really surprised to hear such a good rendition of songs I like such as "Feels So Right" or "Baby Blue" Is there any possibility to download them or get a CD if there is one available? Hope to hear from you."


"August 1984, was the first time I had ever saw Tom Green. He was here from Thursday to Sunday. He was so good, good to look at, good to listen to. I couldn't get enough... I was there for every show. I got my CDs yesterday and Tom is still the "BEST".

Pam Elliot
Louisville, KY 

"Tom, Great Site! I just got a letter to my site on the Jordanaires from some fans of yours who are really impressed with you... of course, they have great taste! Let's swap links. Thanks and God Bless."

Ray Walker
The Jordanaires 

"I'm one of million of Elvis' fans. I looked at your site on the web. I have never believed that anyone was so good but Tom is so good. Keep the work on in the features (songs). I know some radio announcers here in Sweden so ... if I got lucky then I can do some play tour (dates) for Tom and his band here in Sweden."

Jonas Saxfors
From Sweden to USA 

"You Rock! I'm always SATISFIED!"

Jill Freund 

"Thanks so much for the great show in Saint Francis tonight! We enjoyed every rockin' minute of it! We hope to see you in our city again real soon!"

Cathy & Ed Zembroski 

"Slingerfest & Foxhills were magical performances. You were fantabulous! I don't know how you kept up the energy". You, God blessed star!

Carol Pingle 

"If you are the Tom Green that I think you are... You rule! I saw you play at Summerfest on Monday. I loved it. You were great. Wonderful show! You are always a good time. God Bless the USA was awesome!"

Your new groupie, Annie (aka Annie bananie) 

"You lighten our days and our nights with your beautiful voice... We are so very luck to have you and your great band give us the absolute best 'Elvis Birthday Bash' every year." You are the best!!!

Jan Millin 

"Every year my son and I look forward to the Elvis birthday bash. You out do yourself every year Tom. Every year you are better than the year before. If only Elvis could be there."

Mary Kohnke Dameon Graf (son) 

"I saw you at the Potowatomi judgings on Monday through all four days, and I hope you know that you really had no competition. I'm sorry the casino felt the way they did. I hope you feel a satisfaction that you could have easily won all four days. Love and Blessings,"

Joyce Etzel 

"You are absolutely the best Elvis Show on the road. Thank you for keeping his memory alive."

Caryl Bellart 

"I'm a huge Elvis fan from Sweden, and I have visited your web page many times, just to listen to the sound clips. You're a great singer... ". Take care! and Best wishes!

Meikel Jungner

"Tom, I really enjoyed the show last night at Klemmers. You sang a song that you preformed at our wedding and it was great. Thanks for keeping Elvis alive. Your fan and Elvis Fan 4 ever."

Patty Davis 

"Tom, we just wanted to let you know how we enjoyed your show. Your shows are always great but this one was exceptional! You looked very good, (haircut too). You're a doll anyway, hope to be at your next show. Til then, we love you, bye, bye."

Jan Deuster 

"Hi, someone in the USA just emailed me your site...I love the audio samples and was wondering if you ever tour internationally....Like to Australia!"

Lisa Marie 

"... your shows at the zoo & Harleyfest at Mineo's were awesome. When you sang the German song for the Harley Rider from Germany that was so cool. He and his "woman" were dancing and it brought tears to my eyes.

Karen Purcell (A Groupie Wannabe)


"We saw you at the Harley Davidson 100th anniversary party and you were GREAT!"

Tim & Jill Ostrander

"I came and saw you on September 27th in Hartford, Wisc. and thought you were just great. I would like to bring my step-mother to see you, but she can't leave the Milwaukee area because she is paralyzed. Can you let me know when you will be in Milw. so I can bring her to see you."

Thank you.
Chris Flowers

"Thank you for the great show at the Shauer Theater, Sept. 27th in Hartford. My husband and I enjoyed it very much. You got it baby!!! I wasn't one of the lucky one's to catch a cassette, but it was such a good time. Keep on rockin!! Love ya!!"

Doretta Shono

"Loved your show in Hartford last night!!!!!!!!!"

Diane and Herbie Kissinger
West Bend 

"Enjoyed your show in Hartford Sat evening. Geat job. First time we have seen your show, and can't wait to see another one."

Donna Schoenheide

"Your performance Saturday evening was superb. I really think your voice is the best I've ever heard it and I loved your attitude. It was truly a Performing Arts Presentation beyond all expectations. You went beyond "rock & roll"... good luck on future "gigs" as these. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and thank you for sharing yourself with the audience."

Judy Schumacher

"OUTSTANDING performance last Saturday night...can't remember when we've had such a wonderful evening....besides, it was my birthday! Your voice is phenomenal----so is your energy level!

Thanks for the memories!"
Steve & Marianne Levin

"You'd be a STAR if you did your show in a garage! ... other guys persona of anyone else - you're YOU and you're TERRIFFIC! impersonate Elvis; but you, dear you, don't have to take on the You were blessed with a talent to die for and you share that God-given talent with those of us who truly appreciate it."

Rena Lippert

"I'm a huge Elvis fan... and I've seen you perform a few times and you're amazing on stage!"

Mary Misiewicz
Milwaukee, WI 

"I'm a season ticket holder for the Milwaukee Admirals games, and the best version of the national anthem we hear all season is when Tom Green belts it out."

Todd Shannon
Pleasant Prairie, WI 

"As I listen to your recording, "A Little Bit of Green", I think of your being at the Statefair. How I enjoyed hearing and seeing your performance Working with people that have disabilities is so great to see you include them with your music. God bless you. Thanks for the smile and tears your music brings."

Kathy Fenhouse
Fond du Lac, WI 

"We wanted to do something special for our Elvis fan and I have heard you are the best!"

Lisa Anderson

"We watched Tom's opera tape and he is so incredibly talented. Jack and I enjoyed listening to him. Please let him know how amazing he sounded!"

Jenny Mayottte 

"Since moving from Wisconsin to Florida I have yet to find another great Elvis performer as Tom. I very much miss his performances. Therefore I plan on placing an order for his video as well as a CD to keep his memory alive. Thanks for keeping the real King's memory alive as well."

Vicki Schubring
Gainesville, FL 

“I enjoy hearing Tom Green sing not just Elvis songs but just hearing him sing. Thank you Tom!!!”

Connie Rinaldi
Kenosha, WI 

“Great singer, I already purchased one of your CD's; will he ever come to New York or New Jersey or even better Las Vegas... you should perform at “Viva Las Vegas eight” just bought your album you are terrific you would tear that show up!”
Philip Carney
Central Islip, NY


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